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noonartsound: Gypsy Jazz in the Library – Dec 1 at Noon



All are invited to the Tuesday, December 1 noonartsound: Gypsy Jazz with Kreitzer and Harrington

“Hot club” or “Gypsy jazz” is a style of music made popular by guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1930’s.  It is characterized by a swinging rhythm beat, and very fast chromatic lead, both played on hollow bodied guitars.


About our musicians:

Mark Kreitzer has been playing music in the region for years, as part of rock, country, bluegrass, folk, traditional jazz and Gypsy jazz bands.  Mark is an expert player of a number of instruments, including guitar, mandolin and fiddle.  He currently plays with the Mark Kreitzer Band, the ’53 Swingbillies, Patty and the Buttons, and the Clearwater Hot Club, and performs regularly at Dulono’s, The Aster Café, Vieux Carre and other local and regional venues.

Dean Harrington has been performing and teaching guitar in the Twin Cities for over twenty years.  His career began in classical music with a degree in classical guitar performance from the University of Minnesota.  He is currently performing with the Dean Harrington Trio and the Mill City Hot Club.

In the words of our art historian and presenter, Shelly Nordtorp-Madson,
“From Romanticized paintings of gypsy life, to screeds about their “disreputable” lifestyles, to “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,”  the Roma, or Travelers, or whatever often pejorative name given them, gypsies are a prime example of  “The Other” —  a society that lives within the majority culture, but keeps a distance as well.   We will explore the visual manifestations of gypsies, generally by non-Roma, and explore the mystique of the gypsy lifestyle.”

We look forward to seeing you!    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Julie Kimlinger at 651-962-5014.





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Guitar Ensemble to Perform in the Library’s “Harry Potter Room” this Friday at 1:45 pm!

guitarThe UST Guitar Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Joan Griffith, will present a casual concert in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library’s Great Hall on Friday, November 20th, from 1:45-2:30 pm.   The 2nd floor Great Hall is often affectionately called the “Harry Potter Room”.

All are welcome to relax or study to the sounds of classical, jazz, and Latin music, and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. The informal setting will allow listeners to come and go as their schedules permit.

Come enjoy the music in this beautiful space!

If you’d like to know more about the UST Guitar Ensembles please read on.

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Treasures from the Rare Books Collection – G. K. Chesterton and WWI

The Chesterton-Belloc Collection housed the Department of Special Collections features over 1200 works by the English author G. K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936).  Chesterton’s writings feature wide variety of styles – prose, poetry, drama, journalism – and topics from current events to theology.   Among the materials in this collection, you will find a number of items documenting the prose and poetry written by him during World War I.

At the beginning of the First World War, Chesterton was among several leading British writers whom Charles Masterman, the head of Britain’s War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), recruited to help shape public opinion.  Chesterton wrote and published several pamphlets and numerous articles in Britain’s newspapers promoting the government’s views on the war. The best known of these works is the pamphlet The Barbarism of Berlin.


During the First World War, charitable organizations such as the British Red Cross, The Daily Telegraph Belgium Fund and the Prince of Wale’s National Relief Fund raised over 70 million pounds for the war effort.  Chesterton was among many contemporary writers (including John Galsworthy and Rudyard Kipling) who contributed prose and poetry to works published and sold by charities.  Proceeds of these publications were used to aid war refugees and wounded military personnel.

img499 img498 img315

For more information on the UST Libraries rare books and manuscripts collections see : .


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Race for the White House: 2016

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Republicans presidential candidates face off again tonight in a two part public debate, while the Democratic candidates are set to debate on Saturday. Find out more about the candidates and where you can watch using our guide to the 2016 General Election.

Here you will find links to all sorts of useful information including:

  • Video and transcripts for all past public debates
  • Fact checking sites that show who is being honest and who is bending the truth
  • A news aggregator showing the top political headlines from sources all around the web

Visit it today and throughout 2016 to make sure you are in the know this campaign season.



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Faculty Feature: Celebrating Faculty Scholarship

faculty_scholarshipAs you may have seen in your email, this fall, the Libraries are collaborating with Faculty Affairs, the Center for Faculty Development and the Grants and Research Office to celebrate UST faculty scholarship.  In preparation for an event on November 20th, the Libraries are putting together a list of faculty publications between July of 2014 and September of 2015. 

We monitor faculty publications throughout the year and already have a good start on this list. In an effort to make the list as comprehensive as possible, we’re making  additional request of you to send us the citations of your publications – including (again, from July 2014 – September 2015):

  • Books
  • Chapters
  • Articles
  • Refereed Conference Presentations

We’ll be creating a physical and virtual display of what we know will be an impressive collection of the scholarly and creative output of our faculty.

We’d hate to miss anything! Please send your citations to Laura Hansen at O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library. Any questions, please call Laura at 962-5011.


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O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Rearranged its Book Collection

Over the last 17 months the OSF Library has shifted 250,000+ books over 5 floors in order to potentially provide more study space for students.

A big thank you to all of our student staff who put in many hours to make this move possible (those who helped complete this project: Meg, Maria, Andrew, Maddie)!

The purpose of this project is so that we can move all Bound Journals to the Sub Level of the library and start the book collection on the Lower Level, extending up to Level 4.

Books are now on these floors:dan

Lower Level: A – DX

Level 2: E – HV

Level 3: HX – PN

Level 4: PQ – Z

Bound Journals are currently being shifted from Levels 3.5, 3, and Lower Level down to Sub Level.

If you have questions or comments about this project, please let us know.

See the Library’s March 12th, 2014 blog post for more details on the project

Photo: Dan, the Director of the UST Libraries, shelving the last book!




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Coming Soon: Copyright Workshop with Nancy Sims

Hey Professor!  Do you have questions about copyright?  We have the workshop for you!

UST libraries are pleased to host an event with copyright specialist Nancy Sims, who will speak about the issues and challenges of copyright from a faculty member’s perspective. nancy

Join us on Wednesday, November 11 from 3:30-5:00pm in ASC’s Hearth Room. Refreshments will provided; register here to reserve your seat!

We’ve asked Nancy to address the following topics:

  • what constitutes Fair Use
  • choosing/providing access to course materials
  • obtaining permission to use a copyrighted work

But come prepared with any other questions you may have: her presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

Nancy is the Copyright Program Librarian at the University of Minnesota libraries. She holds a JD from the University of Michigan Law School and an MLIS from Rutgers University and says that her job is not to be the “copyright police” on her campus, but to help individuals and groups throughout the University community to understand issues surrounding copyright and scholarly communication. She is fascinated by copyright law in all of its aspects, and in particular, how individuals construct understandings of copyright as it relates to their own scholarly, artistic, professional, personal, cultural, and communicative activities.

She has published articles and presented at conferences about copyright issues, technology, and emerging forms of scholarship.

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Tales From the Archives : Parking Woes

College of St. Thomas students in front of Foley Theater posing with a "Tin Lizzie." ca. 1922Members of Omicron Alpha Nu with a “Tin Lizzy,” 1922.

As we circle the campus parking lots and ramps looking for that elusive open parking space, many might think that parking issues are a new thing on the St. Thomas campus.  But as early as 1925, the St. Thomas student newspaper – The Purple and Gray — was reporting problems with cars at the College.   In particular, the noise made by cars entering and leaving campus disrupted classroom instruction so much that the school’s administration was forced to ask the students to park only  in an open area south of the Armory (now the site of the Anderson Student Center).

sta-1925-10-02-0-002Purple and Gray, October 2, 1925

The St. Thomas students, however, extolled the virtues of the automobile in aid of their education.  The vehicles brought students from great distances (for example, Minnetonka and White Bear Lake) to attend classes on campus.  Plus, the cars were seen as less of nuisance than the horses which carried commuter students to the College in the past (and perhaps airplanes in the future).

sta-1925-10-16-0-001Purple and Gray, October 16, 1925


To find out more about the College of St. Thomas in the 1920s, browse the Purple and Gray newspaper and the Kaydet in the Historic University Publications database.



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Faculty Feature: Display Student Research in the Library!

Did you make it to Inquiry at UST this year?  It always includes such an impressive amount of research, and I can only imagine how you as faculty members must be proud of what your students have accomplished.

We at UST Libraries share your pride, and we are always willing to share the research itIMG_0222self, too!

We have several options to help ensure that students’ work can be shared with the larger UST community for longer than the typical 90-minute presentation window:

  1. OSF Library Rotunda: We have several easels on which we keep a rotating display of student posters – to catch the interest of everyone who seems to swing by this hub of Tommie activity. We’d be happy to add yours to the list!
  2. OSF Reference Area: The lower shelving in the OSF reference area is also a great place to display projects – it generates a lot of attention from people at Coffee Bene! We look forward every year to the amazing feats of the Physics 101 roller coasters. Does your class produce anything similar?
  3. Digital Display Monitors: If a physical poster is not available, monitors at both OSF and Keffer Libraries can display PDF versions.

Sound intriguing?  Contact Laura Hansen  to arrange a time to get your student’s work its time in the UST Libraries limelight!