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UPDATE: O’Shaughnessy-Frey to Rearrange its Books and Periodicals Collections

Published on: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Captu2re While it is commonly thought that academic libraries hibernate in the summer months, this is quite the misnomer for the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library these last few months.

As some of you may have noticed we are in the middle of a massive book and periodical rearrangement in the building. Our goal with the project: move ALL bound journals to the Sub Level of the library and start the book collection on the Lower Level, extending up to Level 4.

As the Fall semester begins in less than two weeks the following book call number ranges will be on these new floors:

Level 4: PQ – Z 

Level 3: J – PN

Level 2: will eventually hold E – HX, but this will be an ongoing shift throughout the fall semester

Lower Level: will eventually hold A – D, but this will be an ongoing shift throughout the fall semester

Note that Periodicals with titles that begin S – Z have been shifted from Level 4 to Sub Level. 

If you have questions or comments about this project, please let us know.

See the Library’s March 12th, 2014 blog post for more details on the project

Far from campus?

Published on: Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Outside7CountyMetroSummer is wrapping up.  Did you spend time on-campus working towards a graduate education degree and are lamenting that you’ll be far away from campus and easy access to resources for your studies?

If you’re outside of the seven-county metro area, you’re in luck!  UST Libraries offers distant students the following services:

  • Electronically scanning and delivering book chapters and articles from periodicals.  Make a request through ILLiad.
  • Discussing research topics, little and large, via online chat or over the phone, 651-962-5001.
  • Mailing books from our circulating collections free of charge.  Check out the “Interlibrary Loan for Distance Students and Faculty” section here.
  • Plus mailing books other libraries lend to us for us.  This includes CLIC collections in addition to our local region and beyond!
  • And, of course, accessing our ever growing collection of e-books, full-text articles, and online reference works is as easy as logging into your email through the proxy server.

If you are finished with all of your course work and working on your final project or thesis, be sure you are considered active and “on the books” so your access to these resources isn’t cut off!  Each academic department handles this a little differently, so contact your registrar for details.

Best wishes on teaching this fall and on your own studies!

~ Mason M., fellow graduate student and Ireland Library student staff

PsycNET (PsycINFO) not available off campus

Published on: Thursday, July 31st, 2014

UPDATE: 8/8/14 9:37.

I am happy to report that off-campus access to PsycNET (PsycINFO) has been restored. As the post below reads, there was a breach of contract. The database provider suspected excessive downloading from St. Thomas, and indeed, it looks like a bot harvested a great deal of their content. But we’re back up and running with no problems and no breaches.

I will take this opportunity to remind everyone with a UST username and password to please not share that password.

7.31.14  Hey all you industrial psych folks,

I’m sorry to report that PsycNET (also known as PsycINFO) is currently unavailable off campus. There was a breach of contract (we sign contracts that dictate educational use for all of our subscription resources) and we were cut off – but only for those of you working from off campus. If you have a dire need for any of the American Psychological Products (including PsycBooks, PsycTests and anything else that is from the APA), you’ll have to come into the libraries to use them. We feel your pain and apologize for any inconvenience. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and everyone can return to their regularly scheduled programming.

Special Collections Shelving Project – Phase 2

Published on: Friday, July 18th, 2014

Phase II of the Special Collections compact shelving project is well underway.  The rails on which the shelving will run and the carriages on which the shelving will sit have been installed.  The shelving itself is currently being assembled and attached to the system.

IMG_1485photo 3photo 2

We appreciate our users patience as the Special Collections/Archives reading room will remain closed until the project’s completion.  The department can provide some reference assistance by phone and email.  However, the majority of the collections are in storage and will not be accessible for the duration of the project.  In the interim, we encourage the use of the department’s digitized collections.


Published on: Friday, July 11th, 2014

Last week we experience problems with ValueLine.  The company had a bit of trouble during a platform migration. I’m pleased to announce it’s working again.

Where are you going with books?

Published on: Friday, June 27th, 2014

OutdoorBkPic-MMYou can tell a true book lover by their vacation habits. No longer burdened with assignments, we turn to our reading lists. When given a day off, we naturally consider which novel we’ll finish. Most uniquely, we take advantage of the beautiful weather like everyone else…

…only with books!

This summer, Ireland Library would like to encourage you to enjoy books AND the great outdoors, and we’re strong believers in leading by example. From time to time this summer, we’ll send a few pics of our outdoor adventures.OutdoorBkPic-DD

Care to join us?

Share vacation photos of you and your summer reading outdoors with us on Facebook or Twitter (@USTIRLLIB) and tag them with #outdoorbookpic to spread the love of reading!

From the beach to the trail to a backyard Adirondack, there isn’t a place a good book can’t go!

~ Mason M., Ireland Library graduate student worker

Special Collections/Archives Compact Shelving Project – Phase 1

Published on: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Phase one of the Department of Special Collections compact shelving project is complete!  Over two days, we moved over 2500 boxes of materials out of their home in the department’s climate controlled storage area.

IMG_1473 IMG_1471

One of the spaces we are using for temporary storage is the Special Collections reading room.  Because of this, the department cannot accommodate on-site researchers until the end of the project.   The department will provide phone and email reference service.  As the majority of the manuscript and University Archives collections are in storage, the staff will not be able to access the content of most of the collections.

In the interim, we encourage the use of the department’s digitized collections.

New Walk-in Borrowing Policy with Macalester!

Published on: Friday, June 13th, 2014

DeWitt Wallace Library Exterior 2010 North Side


The University of St. Thomas and Macalester College libraries announce reciprocal walk-in borrowing policy.

Active Macalester patrons can walk into any UST library with their current Macalester ID and register it to check-out 6 books from the general stacks for a 4 week loan. One renewal is allowed for another 4 weeks. See the online policy here.

Active University of St. Thomas patrons can walk into the DeWitt Wallace Library at Macalester College with their current UST ID and register it to check-out 6 circulating items. Book loans will be 4 weeks long, with one 4 week renewal. DVDs and CDs will be checked out for a 1 week loan.

For more details on this change, see the June 4th blog post, “New Process for Requesting Materials from Macalester

Downshifting into summer mode

Published on: Friday, June 13th, 2014

James, our ever-smiling & capable CLIC courier!

James, our ever-smiling & capable CLIC courier!

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Twin Cities’ many colleges are strangely quiet. 

With fewer students on campus, the libraries downshift for the summer months as well. One way you may feel this change is when you request a book from another CLIC library.  The courier that shuttles library material will only be making one stop at each library per weekday (larger libraries have two during the school year), which slows things down a bit. 

If you request a book from another CLIC library, expect an additional workday for it to arrive at your library of choice.

~ Mason M., Ireland Library graduate student worker

Summon 2.0 debuts!

Published on: Monday, June 9th, 2014

We’re excited to announce a new version of our library content search engine! Dubbed Summon 2.0, it’s the newest version of the default search we’ve had on the library home page for the last several years.

Features of the new version include:

  • a three-pane layout, with search results in the center, search refinement facet options on the left, and featured content or summary information on individual results when you hover over them
  • a more modern display: visually pleasing, clustering of content types like images and news articles to better organize results, plus continuous scrolling (no more next page, next page, next page, etc.)
  • search suggestions,  plus automatic expansion of queries to get all versions of the key terms in the search
  • a new “Discipline” facet to filter results: may be useful for when the prof says “I only want you to use articles from psychology journals”
  • responsive, mobile-friendly design

Note also that the display now includes a CLIC consortium view of holdings, so you’ll see availability information on books and other CLIC items right in the results display–hit the “More” link if displayed to see all versions of the item.  You can use the main search to discover catalog items in line with journal articles and other content, or you can use the “CLICnet Catalog” facet in the left pane to limit to that content.

There’s a screenshot below of the new results screen. Please check out Summon 2.0 at your convenience, and ask your librarian for more tips.

 Summon 2.0