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Where is CLICnet?

Summon has replaced CLICnet as our default search tool for books, video, and music recordings. You can use the Summon search box on the library’s main page to search on a topic across multiple formats, or, you can conduct a scoped (format-specific) search by going into Summon via one of the tabs located in the center of the library’s main page.

Here is how to search for a book in Summon using the scoped search:

Locate and click on the tab labeled “Books”















Once the new page opens you can run the scoped search by entering keyword, title, or author















Note, there is a link to CLICnet below the Summon search box so you can still search for resources here too. CLICnet must be retired at the end of next May, so we are hoping to get everyone up to speed with Summon now. If you have any questions regarding CLICnet or Summon please contact Scott Odman at

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Start with Summon

Welcome to a new school year. Please note that Summon is now the default search. You can search


and 85 other types of library content.

Despite the announcement on August 25 that Summon wasn’t working on iOS. That has been fixed. Summon works just fine on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and anything else that’s out there.

If you EVER have any problems using ANY library resource, please ask us.  We’re here to help you have a successful, not stressful, year.


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Tales from the Archives – The Tommy/Tommie Mascot

You have likely encountered Tommie, the St. Thomas mascot, at various campus events.  But do you know that Tommie is the descendant of a series of St. Thomas mascots?

As early as 1947, students were asking in the college newspaper (The Aquin) why the school didn’t have a mascot when many of our rival schools had one.


It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that the first mascot, Tommy Tiger, appeared on the scene.  Originally managed by the Letterman’s Club, this orange and black cat made appearances to boost school spirit at sporting and social events on campus.  By the early 1970s, interest in keeping up this tradition alive waned and Tommy Tiger disappeared from the campus scene.

Homecoming queen candidate with Tommy Tiger, 1957. C57-061

Tommy Tiger with the Homecoming Queen, 1957

Msgr. Terrence Murphy poses with Tommie and unknown outside against football stands. RS: 02.13.03. C-71-287-38.

Msgr. Murphy with Tommy Tiger, 1971.

The St. Thomas mascot was revived by the college the mid-1980s.  Instead of returning as Tommy Tiger, the mascot was renamed Tommie (a feline of undetermined origin).  Since its comeback over 30 years ago, Tommie has changed its appearance several times.   I would guess the purple fur from the 1980s is one look Tommie would like to forget!

Tommy 1984

Tommie with a future St. Thomas student, 1984

tommie 1997
Tommie at a football game, 1997

Today —  Tommie remains an ambassador for St. Thomas and promoter of school pride and spirit at campus events.  Be sure to get a high-five from Tommie next time you meet it!

St. Thomas vs. St. John's football game, O'Shaughnessy Stadium, November 12, 2005. Tommie mascot

Tommie at the St. Thomas vs. St. Johns football game, 2005

To find out more about the history of the University of St. Thomas, visit the University Archives webpage.

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Gain secure internet access while on campus of any eduroam institution

internet roaming

Information Technology Services (ITS) at St. Thomas has announced that St. Thomas has joined the eduroam network of internet providers at higher education institutions.   Eduroam (education roaming) offers internet connectivity to students, faculty, and staff when visiting participating institutions across the U.S. and over 70 territories worldwide!

For more information about the Eduroam program and how it works please read complete article here.

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Summon not available for iOS

We are very sorry to report that there is a glitch in the system somewhere and Summon is not working on iOS products. The company we get Summon from is aware of the problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully things will right themselves soon. Please use Summon from a laptop or desktop until this is resolved. Thanks. And again, sorry.

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Primary Election Day Is Tuesday, August 9th!



Get ready to get your vote on, Tommies – the MN Primary Election is Tuesday, August 9th.  While MN held its set of caucuses in March for voters to cast their presidential preference ballots, this primary election is to determine which other candidates for local, state, and federal offices will show up on the general election ballot in November.

If this is your first primary election in MN, know that there will be both partisan and nonpartisan offices up for election on your ballot. Minnesota does not have political party registration, so you decide which one of the two parties you will vote for.

For more information about this upcoming election or the election in November, check out #USTLibraries Research Guide: Vote 2016


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I’m sorry to report that nearly all library systems are experiencing severe technical difficulties today. That’s the brief version.


The long version of this story is that we pay for the services of a company called Proquest. From them we get Summon, GET IT, and literally hundreds of thousands of other pieces of content that make up the modern library. Over the weekend Proquest did an upgrade to its system, which is typical and happens with great regularity. However, atypical is that something went horribly wrong with this upgrade. It’s taken down most of our functionality.


Please be patient as we look to Proquest to solve this rather large problem. Let us know how we can help, but be prepared to hear the answer “just wait it out.”  Ugh. And sorry.


UST Libraries 8th Annual Food for Fines Drive

The UST Libraries 8th Annual Food for Fines Drive wrapped up end of May with a total donation of 323 lbs.

Since the Library’s first drive in 2009, the UST community has donated more than 4,023 pounds of food.

Donations from 2015 Food Drive - thank you!

This year’s donation recipient was the Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul’s food shelf:

“As more and more families use our services, we are encouraged when individuals like you step-up to help meet these increasing needs. Your contribution helps fill basic needs of existence. The food shelf serves more than 2,000 people annually and provides special food distribution during Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Thank you!