The University of St. Thomas

Install PowerPoint Template and Use It

Published on: Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

I have put together an instruction on how to use the new USTlaw PowerPoint template. Click here Instructions for Using the UST PPT Template for the PDF instructions.

Easy way to ask people to come to your event

Published on: Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Recently I registered for two events, and both of them used a free site: to handle registration. So I decided to check this site up. The signup process for the website is so simple that the only thing you need is to have an email address. You choose your password and wait for the email confirmation. After that, you verify the email and change your password and you are in, ready to create events for your friends to register. Too simple not to take a look at this program.

First eBook published in iTunes Bookstore

Published on: Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

I just published a ebook in iTunes Bookstore written by Professor Delahunty, called International Law. The link is here and it is free.

Printings for 2L and 3Ls

Published on: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

The old printer set up on your personal laptop does not work any more, because UST has implemented a new printing management program called PaperCut. For instructions on how to set up for the new system, please consult the printing section of this handout. If you have questions, ask at the library circulation desk so they can direct you to the right person to help you out, or contact Don or Kelly.

Interesting light shed on the unstoppable spams

Published on: Thursday, August 14th, 2014

I read a piece written by Spector Lincoln on why spams keep showing up in our mailbox. Here are some excerpts:

It doesn’t take many suckers to make spam profitable. I’ve read estimates claiming that for every million spam messages sent out (including the majority stopped by filters), only three people fall into the spammer’s trap.

That sounds like a very bad business model, but it’s actually a very lucrative one. There are tens of billions of spam messages sent each day—possibly an many as 100 billion. That means 300,000 suckers a day.

So if we can not prevent spammers from spamming, we can prevent us from becoming the victim. Remember:

  • Don’t trust promises of cheap drugs, obscene pictures, or get-rich-quick schemes.
  • If something seems too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.
  • IRT does not ask you to automatically increase your mailbox size, log in to reset your password, account discontinued, etc…
  • When in doubt, contact either Don or Kelly.
  • Manage Emails on iDevices

    Published on: Monday, July 28th, 2014

    I have an gmail account, hotmail account and of course, work email from outlook. In iPad/iPhone, the built-in email client can only have access to one outlook account. In order to have both my work outlook and then hotmail, I created an account for my work outlook, and set the automatic forwarding of messages in hotmail to my gmail account and then created a gmail account in iPad/iPhone. After a while, I decided not to forward mails because I want to keep email accounts seperate. This means I have one more email account to log in and check. Recently I discovered a mail program called CloudMagic. I set this to point to my hotmail account, so now I have access to all three emails on my iPhone/iPad. CloudMagic also works for other mboile devices.

    The Impact of New Technology

    Published on: Friday, July 25th, 2014

    The appearance of new technology such as smart watches now on the market from Samsung and other producers has implications for a lot of places. For instance in courtrooms: now if you go into courtrooms, the bailiffs will loudly announce that no electronic devices will be allowed or should be turned off. They usually will add: if your iPhone buzzes in the courtroom, it will be confiscated! However, with the smart watch, how can that be turned off? If you do not turn it off, you can arrange it to alert you when email arrives in your mailbox, and do other online stuff.

    Take for another example: in classroom, if professors do not allow internet connection during class or exam, do you ask the students to leave your watch at the door?

    2014 Clean Up Day Handouts

    Published on: Thursday, July 17th, 2014

    Kelly and I just finished the handouts for the July 23rd Cleanup day. It is linked here.

    Video conferences tools, which one to use?

    Published on: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

    When it comes to video conferencing tools, we have many to choose from depending on the need and the level of comfort with any particular tools. I am listing a few below:

    1. Skype is probably the most used online video tool. My problem with it is that it is not always reliable, especially the video connection. Lagging video and voice hobbles critical conversation. But many people use it and know how to use it.
    2. GoToMeeting by Citrix is a good option. You can talk free with only three people for free and do not even have to register. I have a pro one which allows 100 people in one conference. Will be useful for online class.
    3. WEbEx: it is comparable with GoToMeeting. Either of these tools will work for online class.
    4. Google+ Hangout: I actually prefer this than Skype, but the interface is not familiar to a lot of people and you have to have Google Account.
    5. ooVoo: at It integrates with Facebook and the pro version is cheap. Great video quality. 12 people can chat, but I find if more than 4 people in one chat, the video lags.
    6. up to five people can chat at one time. It is comparable with ooVoo.
    7. For video conference with China, the best video conference tool is QQ. The video quality beats Skype. Wonder what causes that. Might be that Chinese government is blocking Skype or reducing the bandwidth for it?
    8. For mobile video, Fring is worth checking out.
    9. For communicating with China and mobile, WeChat is an app to beat. Almost all my acquaintances use it. You can group chat and video call your contacts, all for a prize of free.
    10: Vidyo: This is an excellent online video conferencing tool. You can request a free trial, but no free account. I just recently tested the video with another University where our faculty member is going to talk to the audience remotely. I love the clean look.
    11: For real reliability and quality, we use Tangberg System. It is an ip based video conference system. We use it for online class.

    Sync OneNote between different devices

    Published on: Monday, June 23rd, 2014

    I just came back from attending Computers Assisted Legal Instructions Conference and used the sync feature of OneNote which worked greatly for me. So I am going to offer my experience in using the program and hope that this will benefit others.

    Polls have shown that more and more students are now using OneNote to organize their class notes or other notes. I have found OneNote the best organizing app all around. You create folders and then under each folder, you add pages. It replicates the paper days perfectly and more. OneNote not only keeps textual notes, but also creates and holds audio and visual clips and you can annotate the texts. The versatility makes it almost indispensable. With the sync feature, you can use any devices you have and they all share the same contents. For instance, I used my iPad to make notes while I was attending the conference, and now I am back, the notes are synced so I can pull them up on my PC for editing before I produce them for my boss and other staff.

    Here is how:

    1. Create the notebook
    2. Point to the notebook within OneNote.
    3. Make sure when you create new sections or pages, you sync the contents from the device you are recording the notes.
    4. From another device, check to see if sync has been performed on that device. If not, sync them. Now all devices will access the same content. No additional tweaking.