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Meet Maridex “Dex” Abraham, SG Secretary

Published on: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011


What year are you? 3L

Where did you go for your undergraduate education and what was your major?   School: University of Wisconsin-Madison; Major: Communication Arts with a focus in Rhetoric; Certificate (Minor): Asian American Studies
What is your favorite TV show/movie/book?  I have so many favorite movies, but my favorite show is “Survivor.” Even though I am sooo out of shape, I enjoy watching the physical challenges. My favorite part about the show, though, is the interpersonal component. I’m fascinated by the strategies people employ to stay in the game another day and the way the finalists craft their arguments for why they should win a million dollars. Of course, the jury during final tribal council is always intense!
What student organizations and/or extracurricular activities do you participate in?  Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), Community Justice Project, UST  Law Democrats
Where is your favorite spot in downtown Minneapolis?   Dancing Ganesha, Sculpture Garden, Espresso Royale, and this might be cheating, but in Uptown, my fave spots are the Herkimer and Common Roots Cafe.
Anything else you would like your classmates to know?   I have a strange fascination with hipsters and hipster culture.

What is your student government position, and why is it important?   The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at each Student Government meeting and posting them on Blackboard so that the minutes are available to the public. The Secretary’s duties also include collecting and filing student organization renewal forms, and assisting the President with organizing documents. The Secretary also helps put together the Spring Registration Forum for 1Ls.

What is your hometown?   Brookfield, WI

Where do you currently live?  Oak Grove Towers in Loring Park neighborhood

What do you do to relieve stress and relax?  I like taking walks, going to coffee shops to read or people watch, listening to music, and cooking (or at least trying my best to learn new recipes!).

What do you enjoy most about UST Law?   I like the social justice aspect and the friendly environment.

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