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June Happenings #USTCareerScoop

Students toss their caps in the air at the 2016 undergraduate commencement ceremony at O’Shaughnessy Stadium on May 21, 2016 in St. Paul.

It’s done! Spring semester is now behind you. Congratulations to the 2017 St. Thomas graduates who are moving on to life beyond the arches. Whether you’ve graduated or will be returning to St. Thomas, the Career Development Center reminds you our services are available and we ARE open during the summer months for pop-in sessions and appointments. Call 651-962-6761 for available times.

Seminars for the month of June (all in 123 MHC):

Resumes & Cover Letters That Stand Out: Friday, June 2nd at 9 am or Tuesday, June 13th at 2 pm

Job Search Success Tactics: Tuesday, June 6th at 2 pm

Effective Interviewing: Thursday, June 8th at 9 am or Wednesday, June 21st at 8 am

Networking & Informational Interviewing: Friday, June 16th at 9 am

Out of State Job Searches

Are you looking for an internship or job opportunities in another city or state? Relocating can add an extra hurdle to your search. The Career Development Center has an affiliation with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), giving you access to a database of national opportunities. Login to your Tommie Careers account, use the Job Listings tab, drop down to “NACElink Network” and use the search functions to sort for the city and/or career field/title of interest.

General Information

Summer Internship Tips

Some tips to keep in mind as you anticipate an internship experience:

  • Establish goals for the experience: personal, skills, and career knowledge
  • Learn the company culture and dress and behave accordingly.
  • Be on time. Being late is inconsiderate. If it is unavoidable, contact your supervisor.
  • Carry a notepad and pen with you at all times. Write down instructions and questions.
  • Before asking questions, think through a possible solution, then when presenting your questions, explain your thinking process and where you got stuck.
  • Communicate – let your supervisor know where you are in your tasks, when they are complete.
  • Always proofread anything you are to submit.
  • Ask ‘Why?’ and be observant of both people and methods. An employee is valuable not only for the work he/she can perform, but also for knowing why things are done in certain ways.
  • Reach out – ask people to have lunch with you; seek ways to learn what people around you do.
  • Do not make/receive personal phone calls, texts or conduct personal internet searches on company time – no matter how bored you are. This is a fast way to ruin the respect people have for you.
  • Ask for More – When you are ready for more challenging tasks, or if you don’t have enough work to keep you busy, tell your supervisor.
  • Track accomplishments – keep a log of projects you’ve worked on and skills you’ve developed; ask if you can distribute later, examples of your work (LinkedIn, job interview portfolio).
  • Reflect – how does the environment feel to you? Do you enjoy the people, work, culture? If not, think about what you want to do in your next internship!
  • Ending – have an exit interview with your supervisor, leave a Thank you note, ask about future opportunities there, ask for job references, and stay in touch!
Career Scoop Update, General Information

Happy Finals Week! #USTCareerScoop

To end the semester, we thought we’d share some inspiration and humor to lighten the stress load of finals week, or provide you with a procrastination option, whichever way you want to use it!

Get inspired….

Have a laugh….

We are open throughout the summer for both students and alumni. Get in touch for assistance with career exploration, networking advice, resume and cover letter help, interviewing assistance, or graduate school planning. And stay tuned for next week’s CareerScoop which will have an announcement about summer workshops at the Career Development Center.

ENJOY your summer and wherever the next adventure takes you.