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Use your Holiday Break wisely!

As the official end of Finals is upon us (hooray!) we want to send you all a friendly reminder of how you can be using your Holiday Break wisely! (Besides eating cookies and watching Netflix…)

  1. Edit and update your resume. You can use our resume packet for guidance, and then schedule an appointment for a resume review when the Career Development Center opens again on January 3rd!
  2. Conduct informational interviews. If you’ve ever even wondered for a second what, exactly, Aunt Sally does as an Actuary, or how Grandpa Larry became a Lawyer, the holiday season is a great time to have those conversations! Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll make the dinner table conversations a lot less awkward. (Or at least make them awkward in a different way!)
  3. Get ready for The Fair. If you’re not already registered for the 2018 Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair, fear not, registration will re-open in January. While you’re relaxing, check out the fair website for the list of employers attending. Start making your “list” of employers you’d like to visit, and if any of them have open positions they’ll be hiring for at the fair, get your resume and cover letter ready to apply!
  4. Think about what you’re going to do next summer. While June may seem like a long way off, it’s never too early to think about how you’re going to spend your summer. From taking classes, to interning, studying abroad, volunteering or working, we can help you get a plan together. Start brainstorming now, and come see us in January!

We ARE open in January (and a lot less busy than when the semester starts in February!) so schedule an appointment or call for pop-in times, our number is (651)-962-6761!

Have a joyous holiday break!

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Pro Tip #2: Resume books in Tommie Careers

TommieCareers recently updated the Resume Books section of their website. It is now easier than ever to publish your resume for potential employers to see. We have created a video highlighting the use of resume books but you may find the information below or even the Resume Book PDF Handout helpful as well.

Resume Books are one more way for you to get your name in front of employers with positions to fill. You can include your resume in a related resume book for employers to browse when they contact the Career Development Center.

1. Log into TommieCareers

Go to and log in using your UST NetID and password. Alumni without a current NetID may request an account for TommieCareers.

2. Upload your Resume

  1. Select the Documents tab and choose Add New.
  2. Label the document and select Resume for Document Type.
  3. Click Browse, choose the correct document from your computer, then click Open (.doc or .docx format recomended).
  4. Click Upload.

Publish your Resume

  1. From the Documents tab, select the Resume Book sub-tab.
  2. From the list of resume books, choose the best one based on your interests. Select your resume from the drop down list on the right. (If you have multiple resumes, this is where having a distinguishing name for each comes in handy.)

You may publish your resume in more than one book as long as you have interest and qualifications.

Removing a Published Resume

Whether you realize you put your resume in the wrong book or you just want to remove it from employer view, you can always remove your resume.

  1. Locate the Documents tab, then the Resume Book sub-tab.
  2. Click on the “X” next to your selected resume.

Receive email notifications of new positions for On-Campus Interviewing (or any job posting) – #USTCareerProTip

We always suggest logging into our TommieCareers job and internship posting site and setting your email notification preference to “Yes.” This ensures that you receive important announcements such as the Career Scoop and hot job leads targeted towards your area of study.

However, an under-utilized option within TommieCareers is the Search Agent, and it is your ticket to making sure you don’t miss On-Campus Interviewing opportunities as they are posted. Anyone with an account can set up a similar search agent, but only those students who have completed the On-Campus Interviewing Orientation requirement will receive the “Interview” option under “Show Me.”

So, if you’d like to receive automatic notifications of new positions be sure to log in, create a search agent, and schedule it to periodically email you updates!

  1. Under the “Job Listing” menu go to “TommieCareer Listings.”
  2. For “Show Me” select “All Interviews” or “All Interviews I Qualify For” and perform the search.
  3. Use the “Saved Searches” link in the upper right of the results and and enter a name like “OCI Positions.”
  4. Set a frequency to receive emails.

I know there are several steps to this, but once set up it is an invaluable resource to keep up to date with new postings. Each student may set up one or more searches based upon their interests and receive emails automatically without the Career Development Center clogging their email inbox unnecessarily. And again, this isn’t just for On-Campus Interviewing. Leaving the “Show Me” option set to “All” and adjusting other fields will customize the results to meet your specific needs.

For more information about various features of the Career Development Center website visit our Documentation page.

Note that website content updates frequently and the instructions and information above may change. Check our Documentation page for the most up to date information. Thanks to Michael R. for bringing this to my attention.