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Private College Job and Internship Fair

Private College Job and Internship Fair

READ!!! Last message prior to The Fair! #HireTommies


This is the final message you will receive prior to the 2017 MN Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair this week! It is full of helpful tips and vital information, so PLEASE READ IT ALL!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

Career Development Center Staff

*Each week since early January emails have been sent out regarding the Job and Internship Fair.  If you need to read any of the previous emails they can be found at:

*Watch the video of “Job Fair: Insiders Tips” if you missed the session.

*Read the packet, “I’m Going to the Fair” and the handouts you received at the Information Session.

*Look ahead at your class schedule for Wednesday, February 22 and determine if you will need to make arrangements to miss class(es).  An email list of all Job/Internship Fair participants will be sent to the Academic Deans  on Monday, 2/20, notifying them of your attendance at a UST sponsored event. (If you registered after 2/15 your name may NOT be on this list).  If you plan to miss class, you must inform the instructor as soon as possible.  It is only considered an “excused” absence if you do this! There are many UST students attending the Fair, and instructors do not want to be overwhelmed with last minute requests for missed work.

*Print your Resume: On Monday and Tuesday, USG will be partnering with the Career Development Center and OSF Library to sponsor “Resumes and Representatives!”

During this event, students who are attending the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair can come in to the library and print up to 10 resumes on resume paper for FREE!!

USG Representatives will be available in the OSF Library to assist with resume printing during the following times:

8am to 6pm on Monday, February 20th

8am to 12pm on Tuesday, February 21st

Outside of these times, paper will also be available for students to print in either the Library or the Career Development Resource Center in Murray Herrick 124, and will be distributed in 10 piece packets on a first-come-first-served basis.

Here are some of the quick answers to FAQ:


  • Wednesday, February 22– Open floor time 9:00-3:00. Prior to entering, check-in at the UST table on the Lower Level, outside of Exhibit Hall A. Interviews 9:00-5:00.  There is a FREE coat check.
  • Students with need for extra time due special accommodations may enter at 8:30am. Please contact Amber Bieneck Thom (
  • Special Events: Round tables will be offered on: Science Careers, Consulting and Jobs/Internships for International Students
  • LinkedIn photos will be taken for free at the Fair.
  • Download the app: MNPC Job Fair offered by Guidebook for the most current list of employers, tool to save favorites, take notes, preview map layout and access special events.

Bus: Free shuttle bus leaving from Flynn Hall.  The first shuttle will leave at 8:00 a.m. and the last shuttle will depart from Mpls Convention Center at 5:00pm. Shuttle will run only on Wednesday.

Buses will loop at least every 20 minutes. Look for the sign in the window “MN Private Colleges Job/Internship Fair.”    The UST Minneapolis shuttle will not take you to the Convention Center, but is a short 10 minute walk away. Use Google Maps for several easy walking routes from the Minneapolis campus.

Thursday, February 23– You only need to be at the Fair if you have an interview. The UST shuttle to the Mpls. Campus would be a good option for anyone with interviews on Thursday.  It is only a few blocks walk and will save you money for parking.


Minneapolis Convention Center-(see Visitor Info)

What to Bring:

Copies of your resume on quality bond paper.  No business cards, cover letters, transcripts or references. Money for food or beverage purchase.

What to Wear: Wear professional business attire.


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Job Fair FAQ’s #HireTommies

Whether you are planning on attending the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair on February 22nd, 2017, are  attending another fair, or you just want tips, here are some great questions that we are frequently asked about job fairs!

Please remember that registration for the MNPC Fair is due TOMORROW February 15th in MHC 124. Please complete an orientation session and bring $20 in cash, check or Tommie eXpress funds to the Career Development Center (MHC 123). If you haven’t yet done an orientation, directions for the blackboard orientation can be found here.

Q: How long should I plan on being at the fair?
A: This is very dependent on you, and the answer is different for everyone. You need to do your research (check the list of employers beforehand) and create a game plan for the fair. If you have 5 employers you want to visit, you won’t need to stay as long as if you have 10 or 25. Plan on 10 minutes of time for every employer, knowing some may take a little less time and some may take more.

Q: How many resumes should I bring (and should they be on nice paper)?
A: Again, this depends on your research. Plan on bringing 5 extra resumes (at least), and know how many employers you want to visit. If you have a list of 10 employers, bring 15 resumes. And yes, print them on nice paper. It makes you look extra professional as a candidate. You can pick up resume paper at the bookstore or at any office supply store, and Target and Wal-Mart also carry it. (P.S. Be sure to come into the Career Development Center for a resume review before the fair!)

Q: Where should I print my resume?

A: You can use your own printer, but we also have a printer available in MHC 124 where you can use your own paper! This year, we are also pleased that the Library will have a few computers available in the Rotunda area (by the coffee shop!) especially for students to print their resumes! Library staff will also be on hand to help you out!

Q: Should I do a follow up email with the employers I visit after the fair?
A: Absolutely! If you are interested in working for their company, send them an email, ask to connect with them on LinkedIn (and be sure to tell them where you met!), or even send a handwritten note (this is an especially good idea after an interview!) And make sure you’re following up if the employer outright told you to do so. If they give you a business card and say to email them, do it!

Q: What should I say in an Elevator Pitch?
A: An elevator pitch is an introduction for yourself, but it’s also a means of communicating why you made it a point to talk to that employer. Telling the employer your name, your school and major is important, but also give them some information about your interests, passion, and other experiences, and tell them what interests YOU about their company or position. Again, this takes research ahead of time – make sure you’re well informed so that you can really impress those recruiters!

Private College Job and Internship Fair


If you have registered for the February 22nd MN Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair, or if you’ve just checked out the website, I want to draw your attention to one of the options within the Students Menu,

Special Events  ( )– have you clicked on this yet? You should. We will offer four different break-out sessions during the Fair day, February 22.

Come listen to and engage with private college alumni professionals working within fields that may be of interest to you.  Though they represent potential employers, these small-group roundtable events are less intimidating than the fair itself and give students the opportunity to get insider information from the people doing the work.

  • Science Careers Roundtable – two of these: Healthcare/Clinical and Scientific/Lab career roundtables.
  • Consulting Careers Roundtable – learn about the different types of employers and work within the consulting industry.
  • International Alumni Roundtable

At this roundtable, international students will interact with private college international alumni, as they share their internship and job search tips and success stories.

These events are only open to students registered to attend the Job Fair.  If you’ve not yet done so, please register BEFORE the deadline: THIS Wednesday, February 15th by 4 pm. If you have never attended the Fair, you will need to go to one of the Job & Internship Fair Orientation sessions this week:

Job & Internship Fair Orientations:

  • Monday, February 13 at 3:00 in MHC 124
  • Wednesday, February 15 at 12:00 in MHC 124

Have fun at the Fair!