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What Should I Bring to the Fair? #USTJobFair2015

Written by: Becky Durham

Travel light!  The essentials include copies of your resume in a portfolio to carry easily. If you researched companies, bring the information to review prior to talking with employers. Employers do NOT want a list of references, cover letters, transcripts or business cards. Certainly wear a coat and boots if the weather calls for it. There WILL be a free coat/boot/backpack check area in the student lounge. You may want to bring a few dollars for a beverage or lunch. If you are offered an interview you may end up staying there longer than expected, so having cash on hand for food would be useful. There will be free water stands available.

The best items to bring are a smile, firm handshake and your confidence!

Private College Job and Internship Fair

READ!!! This is the last message prior to the fair – #USTJobFair2015

Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair

Minnesota’s Private Colleges 2015 Job and Internship Fair

This is for those already registered for Minnesota’s Private Colleges 2015 Job and Internship Fair. If you have not registered and would like to attend, please complete an Orientation to Job and Internship Fair and submit your registration before the deadline. Visit our Job and Internship Fair website for additional information and eligibility requirements.

For previous emails and tips regarding the job fair, visit our email archives.

Be sure to read the packet, “I’m Going to the Fair” and the handouts you received at the Information Session.

Look ahead at your class schedule to determine if you will attend classes on Wednesday, February 18 or make arrangements to miss class(es).  An email list of all Job/Internship Fair participants is sent to the Academic Deans  on Monday, 2/16, notifying them of your attendance at a UST sponsored event. (If you register after February 13 your name will NOT be on this list).  If you plan to miss class, inform the instructor as soon as possible.  There are over 600 UST students attending the Fair.  Instructors do not want to be overwhelmed with last minute requests for missed work.

Here are some of the quick answers to the FAQ:


  • Wednesday, February 18: Open floor time 9:00-3:00. Students with need for extra time due special accommodations may enter at 8:30am. Prior to entering, check-in at the UST table on the Lower Level, outside of Exhibit Hall A.  Interviews 9:00-5:00.  There is a FREE coat check.
  • Science panels: Two science panels will be offered at 10:00 and 11:30.  Each session will focus on different career paths within scientific organizations. A panelist of career options in Accounting and Finance will be offered at 1:00.
  • LinkedIn photos will be taken for free at the Fair.
  • Download the app: MNPC Career Fair Plus for the most current list of employers, tool to save favorites, take notes, preview map layout and access special events.
  • Thursday, February 19: You only need to be at the Fair if you have an interview.*


Free shuttle bus leaving from Flynn Hall.  The first shuttle will leave at 8:00 a.m. and the last shuttle will depart from Mpls Convention Center at 5:00pm. Shuttle will run only on Wednesday.

Three buses will loop every 20 minutes. Look for the sign in the window “MN Private Colleges Job/Internship Fair.” The UST Minneapolis shuttle will not take you to the Convention Center.

(*The UST shuttle would be a good option for anyone with interviews on Thursday. It is only a few blocks walk.)


Minneapolis Convention Center-(see Visitor Info)

What to Bring:

Copies of your resume on quality bond paper.  No business cards, cover letters, transcripts or references. Money for food or beverage purchase.

What to Wear:

Wear professional business attire.

General Information, Private College Job and Internship Fair

Job Fair Tip: Employer Research #USTJobFair2015

Written by: Becky Durham

One of the best received Job Fair tips is to research the companies prior to attending. With a record number (257) employers it will be useful to have a game plan on companies that are of interests. You can certainly visit with others, but a top hit list will guide you in your time. Use pages 13-14 in the “I’m Going to the Fair” booklet as a guide for your research.  By researching companies prior to the Fair you will be better prepared to tell the employer why you are interested in them and what you can offer to their company or position.

In addition to the website you can download the app, MNPC Career Fair Plus. This app provides a way for you to research, save favorites, make notes for each employers and have access to the booth layout prior to the fair. You may also visit with a Reference Librarian to assist in getting more information regarding recent news about the company, their competitors or industry or use the “Employer Research” libguide. Keep your options open and view employers with whom you are not familiar. There are many new employers attending the Fair that offer great opportunities to consider. Remember to bring enough resumes to have extras, this is a great chance to have face time with employers and make a personal introduction!