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How I found my out-of-state job

We invite our St. Thomas alum to share with us their “how I found my job” story.  We share one story below from someone who wanted to work outside the state of Minnesota.

I knew I wanted a job in Tucson AZ where my girlfriend is, so I started trying to connect with people down there.

  • I searched LinkedIn and found a lot of engineers down there work for [R______]. I researched the company and was interested in their work.
  • I checked for hiring events nearby with [R_____] at them, but there were none.
  • I started monitoring [R_____’s] job site and applied to relevant positions as they appeared.
  • I tried connecting with a few people there through my girlfriend and [a professor] here, who both knew people at [R______]. They were able to give me some information, but no help as far as name drops or job openings.
  • I also found [R_______] recruiters on LinkedIn and tried to message them, but they didn’t respond.
  • I followed one of the recruiters so that her posts showed up on my feed, and one of her posts advertised a university programs digital meet and greet event coming up, so I signed up for it. That event was what really got me into the running for their jobs. By the time the event came around, I had applied to somewhere around 8 to 10 of their job postings online and had heard nothing.
  • At the event I talked to an engineering recruiter who happened to be from the Tucson office (that was lucky). She asked if I had applied to any jobs, I said yes, she asked if I felt qualified for the jobs I had applied for, and I said yes. She asked which jobs they were, so I sent her the requisition numbers. I had a call from a hiring manager the next day thoroughly impressed with my resume asking to fly me down for an interview and I got another call the next week.  So two interviews got scheduled for the same trip.
  • I got offered one of the jobs the day of the interview (a few hours after I left), and the other job was offered to me the following Monday. I accepted one, and I’ve been working through hiring documents and waiting to graduate since then.

Jennifer’s Comments – lessons to pull from this story — a) you’ll save time by identifying a specific industry or organization on which to focus your networking, b) try to connect with a company recruiter (or staff member with hiring ability); this alum used social networking tools, and c) the most effective contact is when you can meet in person, at career fairs, recruiting events, or informational interviews.

It is more difficult to find a job out-of-state if you are not living there, but given some time, persistence, and ingenuity, you can do it!

Career Scoop Update, General Information

Pathways in Science and Health-Related Careers and Other Events #USTCareerScoop

Mark your calendars for some special events taking place this month and in April.

Pathways in Science and Health-Related Careers will be held Thursday, April 6th from 12 to 1:15 pm in OWS 250. Come hear from a panel of professionals regarding their career paths and opportunities to gain knowledge about careers that may be a good fit for you.

Exploring Careers in Health Sciences
Wondering what options there are in health careers and which one would be the “best” for you? Topics covered include; assessment of your personal and career goals, resources to use to gather more information about the variety of options available and ways to gain experiences while completing your undergraduate degree. There is a $10 fee, due on the first day, to cover the cost of the Strong Interest Inventory. We meet 3 Thursdays (3/30, 4/6, and 4/13) over the convo hour (bring your lunch!). On April 6th students will attend the Pathways in Science and Health-Related Careers employer panel referenced above. Students must commit to attending all 3 dates in order to register.

Seminars This Week (124 MHC):

Resumes and Cover Letters That Stand Out – Tuesday, March 14th, 11 am
Effective Interviewing – Thursday, March 16th, 10 am

Other Events This Month:

Bender Virtual Career Fair for Students with Disabilities – Wednesday, March 15th, 9 am to 5 pm, online
Diversity Virtual Career Fair – Tuesday, March 21st, 9 am to 3 pm, online
Health Interprofessional School Fair  – Monday, March 27th, 10 am to 2 pm

We are open during Spring Break. Call 651-962-6761 or stop in to MHC 123 for Pop-ins or to schedule an appointment.

General Information

Put yourself out there!

I came across the following within the National Association of Colleges and Employers blog.  It was written by Pamela Weinberg, entitled, “Networking Advice with a Cucumber Sandwich.”

The author shared a story about an event for community college students she attended where the guest speaker was Gregory Mosher.  Mosher has been involved in the theater since the 1960s and has won every theater award imaginable. He was the director of Lincoln Center Theater, and has directed dozens of plays…

“Mosher won the students over immediately with his humble and honest confession that he was never much of a student, and that he really had no idea what he wanted to do with his life as a student and a young adult.

He told the audience that he stumbled through school (many schools actually) and had no real career calling. A friend invited him to a theater performance and rather than saying no, he said yes—and was forever hooked on the theater. This was the first piece of advice he imparted to the students: Say yes to new opportunities—even if those opportunities sound a little scary or are out of your comfort zone. Saying yes allows you to explore new options, new fields, and to meet new people—opening up all sorts of new possibilities.

Mosher also advised the students to “put it out there.” He encouraged students to speak to as many people as possible about their passions, interests, and ambitions. Whether it is an internship, an informational interview, or a mentor, he advised the students to let their friends, professors, employers, and family members know what they want, because by putting that message out into the world, results will come. I love this advice, and have seen it work time after time.

This represents a single person’s perspective about the concept of networking based on his own life experience.  Coincidentally, Mr. Mosher’s advice is identical to what you would hear from a staff member in the Career Development Center.  So, reach out!