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What Is Your Brand? #USTCareerScoop

At a recent conference I was able to listen to Dr. John Tantillo, who markets himself as the “Marketing Doctor,” share insights about how to brand yourself to get the job you want in the current economy. He purports that marketing is not selling. Marketing is done prior to selling and requires that you first must understand what your customer (employer) needs. You must identify the product (you), which is the formal definition of branding.

As you attempt to create your brand to implement in your internship/job search, think of a noun, adjective and verb unique to you that differentiates what you can offer to employers. Be prepared to show the employer/interviewer in your resume, LinkedIn profile, at networking events, and in your interview a consistent message about who you are and what you can offer to them. Create a theme that encapsulates your professional strengths and what you can offer to employers. In the article, Five personal branding tools for college students, Sandra Long outlines tips to incorporate your brand into several areas of a successful search.

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Career Scoop Update, General Information

Four Habits of the Most Successful Job Seekers #USTCareerScoop posted an article highlighting research recently published by the Career Advisory Board regarding the 4 habits of the most successful job seekers.

In the 2015 Successful Job Seekers survey, respondents shared habits that made them successful:

#1 Know what you are seeking- Have a target for your search that matches your interest.

#2 Move beyond the cyber world- create, develop and utilize a network of contacts who can give you insight, connections and job leads at organizations of interest.

#3 Make time for your search- schedule time each day, at least 1-3 hours, for job search activities.

#4 Customize your materials- Edit your resume and create a cover letter to demonstrate how your background is a match for the position.

These strategies would also apply to anyone seeking an internship.

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Career Scoop Update, General Information

Minnesota Ranked as the 9th Best Online Job Market for College Grads #USTCareerScoop

The State On-Line College Job Market: Ranking the States, analyzes the online labor market on a state-by state basis. The study by Georgetown University ranked Minnesota as the 9th best online job market for college grads in the country! View the infographic for Minnesota, including the top 10 occupation groups, and check out data for other states.

The on-line postings provide an opportunity to discover leads, but then you must use effective search strategies to be selected for an interview and then make it to the offer stage. Your resume and cover letter should be tailored to each position. Meet professionals through LinkedIn and network with your inner circle to gain contacts inside the organization. Remember to develop your interviewing skills to back-up your qualifications for the job, and learn how to negotiate for salary and benefits when an offer is presented.

According to the survey, 49% of the jobs are advertised online. That leaves 51% that aren’t advertised, so don’t rely only on posted internet ads!

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