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Planning ahead – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, November 17th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

iExplore and iPlan (First-year and Sophomores)

As you register for J-Term and spring classes you may need to think about choosing a major and find it useful to get assistance with how-to decide.  Career Counselors are available for individual appointments to discuss ideas and refer you to services that may aide in your decision making process.  We offer vocational testing, websites and resources to conduct informational interviews to gain insight into jobs and career fields.  If you have selected a major, the next step is to begin building your resume by developing related experiences.  Career Counselors can share ideas on ways to have a professional development plan.

iFocus and iExcel (Juniors and Seniors)

The pace of the semester is picking up with papers, projects and tests.  However, keep in mind that employers are preparing for next spring and summer recruiting NOW for internships and full-time positions.  This is the time to squeeze in a seminar, appointment or register to attend the job fair if you want to secure an early offer.


In addition to individual appointment times and pop-in hours the following seminars will be offered this week.

Upcoming events including the MN Private College’s Job and Internship Fair – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, November 10th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair

You heard it here first! Registration for the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair is now open!  You have 38 days to turn in your registration form and fee.  If you have previously attended the MNPC Fair you can stop by the Career Development Center, 123 MHC to pick up the registration packet.  If you have not attended the Fair you will need to attend a Job and Internship Fair Orientation session prior to registering.  A list of employers registered is available, with new organizations adding until the date of the Fair.  We are anticipating over 200 organizations representing business, nonprofit, social service, government, technology and biosciences recruiting for internships and full-time career positions.  The fair is open to currently enrolled UST sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Gain more details on the Fair, the registration process and videos of past student and employer participants on the webpage.

Seminars this week

Events this week

Women in Finance Forum

Piper Jaffray will host a select group of top-performing women on Thursday, January 8, 2015, 3:00-7:00 p.m.  Spots are limited and advanced selection is required by submitting a resume to their website by December 12.

How can participating in clubs and activities help my internship/job search?

Published on: Friday, November 7th, 2014

You never know who you will meet?!  This article is just a reminder that helpful information and helpful people are everywhere, you just need to keep your ears and your mind open!

Volunteer/community service activities –

  • You can learn about jobs/careers you never knew about if you ask questions while volunteering.
  • You may be inspired by the work you do as a volunteer and find this as a first-job home?

Student clubs & organizations –

Many organizations bring in guest speakers to meetings.  If you are an active member and show up, you will be exposed to many different potential employers and learn about lots of different careers.

When you are really excited by a speaker, collect their business card or contact information and ask if they are open to giving you an “Information & Advice Interview.”  You can be the interviewer in this situation and ask the questions:  Why did you choose this employer/line of work?  What do you like about it and what challenges exist?  What skills and personality traits make someone successful in this job?  Advice about how to break in?  Does your organization offer internships, how can I apply?

The beauty of participating in organizations like this is that these folks are coming to you, right here on campus, so it takes very little effort on your part.

For the same reasons that it’s vitally important to show up for career fairs, attending Employer Information Sessions sponsored by the Career Development Center and participating in student clubs affords you the opportunity to meet with professionals in person!   Ever apply for anything online where you know no one?  That can be a frustrating experience, so take advantage of any opportunity to get face-time with potential employers!

Just a couple of involvement examples are cited here, but any type of campus activity, arts, sports, recreational, and leadership opportunities can reveal a lot to you about what careers are out there, and potentially put you in touch with people that can assist you in the future!



Career resources to keep an eye on – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

This email is sent weekly to provide information on upcoming career events and services for students.  In addition to this email, you may also want to connect with us through one or more of our social media outlets.  We push out timely information, last minute updates and content that may be useful for students or serve as reminders for the day.  Choose from any/all of the following.

Facebook  / LinkedIn / Twitter

Seminars offered this week:

Looking for a part-time job, internship or full-time position? 

TommieCareers is an extended job and internship search site for UST students.  Use the Job Listings tab, scroll down to TommieCareers.   You can customize your search using the Advanced Search feature and save your search for notifications when positions meeting your criteria are posted.  To learn more about this site and how to save your search refer to the handout.

Wondering what you can do with a major in [insert your major here]?

The Career Development Center surveys alumni to find out where they are working after graduation, their job titles and where they did an internship.  Use the handouts for each major to explore ideas for information about majors, sample job titles and companies. You can find out what to do with your major by visiting the “What to do with” section on our website.

Move your career planning to the next level – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, October 27th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

With first semester half-way over you are moving along to complete maybe your first or possibly last semester at UST.  Wherever you are in the process, the Career Development Center provides services and resources to assist with your career planning.

First-year (iExplore) and Second-year (iPlan)

Are you feeling stuck about what major is the right one?  Before you register for J-term and spring classes schedule an appointment to assess yourself and explore options that would be possible.

Juniors (iFocus) and Seniors (iExcel)

Take steps to look and apply for internships or full-time career positions or research professional/graduate school options and prepare applications.  Schedule a time to meet with a counselor to discuss your next steps.

Seminars this week

Employer and Graduate School Fairs

Career and job fair opportunities this week and next – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, October 20th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

As you move into mid-term with a fall break day on Friday there are plenty of opportunities offered by the Career Development Center.


Employer Information Session

Career and Job Fairs

Government and Nonprofit Career Fair
Friday, October 24 from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Visit with representatives from a variety of government branches and nonprofit organizations.  Attend seminars to hear more about federal employment and careers in non-profits.  Visit to see a list of employers and workshop schedule.  Fair is free and walk-ins are welcome.  Bring a copy of your resume. Dress is business casual.

BioMed Virtual Career Fair
Wednesday, October 22 from 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m.

Minneapolis Career Fair
Thursday, October 30 from 10:00 a.m.-2: 00 p.m.

Deadline for Wells Fargo Sophomore Leaders and Summer Conference Programs
Friday, October 24

Video Blog: One Simple Tip To Remember for the Vitrual Career Fair

Published on: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


Whether it is an in-person job fair, a virtual job fair or a face to face interview your task is going to be the same.

Use the opportunity to get across what you – your talents, your education, your job and internship experiences- will bring that is going to be an asset to the employer.

In the attached video, above, a recruiter gives a simple recipe for interview preparation.








What is a Virtual Career Fair and Why Should I “Attend” One?

Published on: Monday, October 13th, 2014


Have you ever attended a career fair? If so, you know the routine:

  • Research companies of interest
  • Dress professionally
  • Print multiple copies of your resume on high-quality resume paper to give to employers
  • Practice your smile, your firm (but not too firm) handshake, and your elevator speech

Sound familiar?

What if you could skip the last 3 items on the list above? Well, you can. A virtual career fair takes place entirely online so you won’t need to perfect your handshake just yet. Employers, usually hiring managers or recruiters, are available in chat rooms to meet you online, ask questions about your experiences, and answer questions you might have about open positions. When you participate in a virtual career fair you become part of a smaller pool of applicants and have the advantage of “meeting” many employers from the comfort of your own location.

The Minnesota Private Colleges Career Consortium will host a Virtual Career Fair & Grad School Fair THIS FRIDAY, October 17th. Nearly 30 employers and over 50 graduate programs have registered to “attend.”

How to Prepare

Do your research. Check out the list of employers and grad schools participating, then go to their website to view opportunities, learn about their leadership, clients served and/or products delivered.

Update your resume and have it reviewed. Ideally, tailor your resume to the position(s) you are seeking. Name the company and position in the objective, pay attention to skills sought by those employers and mention how you have used those skills in your work/volunteer/leadership experiences.

Save a copy of your resume(s) as a pdf on your desktop so you are able to quickly email it off to recruiters to discuss in real time.

Have your introduction ready. You may not have to deliver your 30-second elevator speech, but you should have something similar for an online format. When will you graduate? What are you studying? What types of experiences and skills do your have that will benefit the company?

Check your internet connection. Turn off your notifications and make sure your battery is fully charged.

Follow-up. Send an email to the recruiter to thank them for their time at the virtual career fair and reiterate your interest in any positions of interest.

Keep in mind that some employers at virtual career fairs will request to video chat. In that case, be sure to dress professionally, have a clean and uncluttered background, and smile!

Stop in to the Career Development Center during Pop-In hours this week for quick resume reviews and answers to your other questions about virtual career fairs.

For more information and to register, check out the MPCCC Virtual Career Fair and Grad School Fair website, send an email to, or call 770-980-0088.

Seminars, Employer Information Sessions, Fairs and Conferences – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, October 13th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

The fast pace continues with a multitude of offerings for students seeking internships and full-time positions as well as students exploring career options.


For a full list of events visit our Seminars and Events page.

Employer Information Sessions:

Virtual Career Fair

Friday, October 17, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Meet Employers offering Full-time Jobs, Co-ops, and Internships & Grad Schools offering Advanced Degrees.  Please register for this event.

Government and Nonprofit Fair

Friday, October 24, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Government & Nonprofit Career Fair allows candidates to pursue professional opportunities and internships in all levels of government and nonprofit agencies. For list of employers see

To register for this event, log into TommieCareers and click on the RSVP button within the description.

Plan to attend a Government/Nonprofit Fair preparation session on Thursday, October 16 at 3:30 p.m. to get more insight on how to be successful at the fair.

Wells Fargo Sophomore Leadership Conference and Summer Internship Program Application deadline October 24

Undergraduate sophomores may apply for the opportunity to learn about Wells Fargo, company values, and culture through a 2-day conference. Visit our website for details and how to apply.

Juniors & Seniors: Preparing for Graduate School

Published on: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

By Amber Bieneck Thom

Fall is often the time when upperclassmen start thinking about their post-graduation plans, and an option often thought of by many is “Should I go to graduate school?” – There are many things to consider when starting to ponder graduate education, so here’s a couple short-lists for Juniors and Seniors!

Disclaimer: If you’re considering graduate school in some of the health professions (Medical School and Dental School, in particular) you’ll want to note that the typical application process for these fields starts earlier than many other graduate programs!


  1. Is graduate school the right choice for my career goals? – For come careers or fields, graduate school is a necessity. For others, it’s not. It’s important to think long and hard about what your ultimate goals are, before choosing to pursue post-graduate education.  Graduate school should NOT be used as a means to delay career decision making!
  2. If the answer is “Yes,” which programs are the best fit? – There are oodles of different graduate programs and schools, and some of them are likely to align more closely with your goals and values than others. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and start a list of potential schools that fit your needs – you don’t have to apply to them ALL, but the list will come in handy later!
  3. What tests do I need to take? – If you thought the ACT was the last standardized test you’d ever have to take, you might be wrong. Many graduate schools require you to take an exam to gain entry. It’s a bummer, I know, and that’s why it’s important to start thinking about it early! You’ll need time to study, because you DON’T want to wing it.
  4. Start thinking about your personal statement and how to articulate your goals. – You’re also guaranteed to have to write a personal statement or other essays as part of your application. Start thinking about what you want to say, and why a graduate education is important to you and your goals.


  1. Start a checklist for each application & MARK THE DUE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR! – Seriously. Put it in your phone, on your computer, in your planner, WHEREVER! Do what you need to do to make sure you’re not forgetting important dates.
  2. Stay in touch with those writing your Letters of Recommendation – You almost certainly have a few professors or supervisors writing letters of recommendation, so make sure you’re keeping in touch with them – especially as due dates for applications creep closer! Sometimes they need more information from you, and sometimes they need a friendly little reminder – and of course you want to thank them once the letters are done.
  3. Finalize your personal statements! – Chances are you’ve written a few different personal statements, depending on your application demands. Take them in to the writing center and other reviewers for some final edits before you get ready to send them off!
  4. Start preparing for interviews.  – I know it seems like a lifetime away, but once interviewing season starts, it’s going to go FAST, so better to be prepared in advance! Ask your advisor(s) for advice, attend an interviewing seminar, and maybe even schedule a mock interview to get yourself ready!