Private College Job and Internship Fair


January is the time to get ready for the Minnesota Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair. If you’ve missed the previous emails with tips 1-6 they can be found here.

Tip #7

Are you able to describe your top interests, skills, personality and values? The handouts and worksheets in your packet on pages 4 through 10 contain informal inventories that will help you learn more about yourself. Use this information to describe yourself and  your career-related qualifications. Employers seek candidates who know how to describe themselves and their fit with the job or company culture. If you think additional assessment information would be useful, our career counselors are able to provide and interpret other career assessments to assist in identifying interests, skills, values, personality, and how these elements relate to your career. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Tip #8

Spend time learning more about occupations available in your major or career field. There are many related occupations within every career field. Are you able to give examples of titles or areas within an organization that would hire people with your career interests/skills? Use the Career Development Center’s website to research various occupations, or use the resources listed on page 11 to complete the worksheet on page 12 of your packet. Employers want you to tell them what you are interested in doing. Even if employers are not recruiting for specific jobs or internships at the Fair, they will get a better idea of your focus and may be able to refer you to another contact at their organization. Be sure to upload your resume to the fair website after you’ve registered, too!

Upcoming Seminars: all held in 124 MHC

  • LinkedIn Parts I & II: Friday, January 20th at 11:30
  • LinkedIn Part I (the basics): Monday, January 23 at 10:00
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Thursday January 26th at 12:00 and January 30th at 11:00
  • Effective Interviewing: Monday January 23rd, at 12:00
  • Job Fair Success Tactics
    • Thursday January 26th at 10:00am

Appointments and pop-in hours offered daily. Call 651-962-6761 for times.

General Information

LinkedIn Challenge Part 3 – Adding Connections and Skills #USTLIC

When creating your LinkedIn profile, you will have the option to include several other headings aside from those mentioned in the blog last week (Summary, Education, Experience). Simply click on an icon to insert it into your profile, then fill in the details.


You may also choose to list selected skills in the Skills & Endorsements section. Listing industry keywords and desired skills in your field within this section can be a valuable way to be found by employers. Your connections are able to endorse your skills as well.

After you have fully completed and reviewed your LinkedIn profile (we can review it in the CDC office), you are ready to start making connections. It is best to start with people that you already know. One way to add people is to simply search for them by name. You can search for past supervisors, advisors, professors, colleagues, classmates, and family members. You never know who knows somebody that knows somebody else that can be helpful as you navigate your career path and search for jobs and internships.

Another way that you can add people that you know is to use the email function to find connections. Look for the People You May Know icon in the top right corner, then you can select the email account that you would like to use to generate previous contacts. Log into your email and select the people that you would like to add to your network that are already on LinkedIn.


Make sure that you don’t just select everyone! There may be people who you emailed once a long time ago that will receive a request and not really know or remember you. For your family and friends, you can select to add them and send the generic message. For past supervisors, colleagues, and professors, it would be best to personalize the message that you send. Adding a personal message would be more professional than the standard message that would be sent out to the group.

message1 vs. message2

Once you have connected with people that you already know, then it is time to start building your network with alumni and other professionals in fields, occupations, and companies of interest.

Next week we will focus on requesting Recommendations, how to find UST alumni on LinkedIn, and why joining groups and following companies can benefit your opportunities in the future. Follow the LinkedIn Challenge at #USTLIC!

Career Scoop Update

Employers Registered for the Job and Internship Fair #USTCareerScoop

Job and Internship Fair

Job and Internship Fair registration continues this week. Still on the fence about whether or not to attend? Check out the current list of employers registered to be there. We expect more employers (and students!) to register in the weeks leading up to February 15th, the absolute deadline to register. Attend a mandatory orientation session if you have never attended the Fair. Sessions this week (in MHC 124):

  • Wednesday, January 18th at 3 pm
  • Thursday, January 19th at 2 pm

Already registered? Attend Job Fair Success Tactics (Wednesday, January 18th from  12 to 1 pm in MHC 124) to learn some great tips for standing out (in a good way).


We hope you have been following along with the LinkedIn Challenge (#USTLIC) this month. If not, join us for a hands-on session or two later this week.

We are open for appointments and Pop-In sessions this month. Call 651-962-6761 to schedule.