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Make the Most of your Summer Internship!

Some tips to keep in mind as you anticipate an internship experience:

  •  Establish goals for the experience: personal, skills, and career knowledge.
  •  Learn the company culture, dress and behave accordingly.
  •  Be on time.  Being late is inconsiderate.  If it is unavoidable, contact your supervisor.
  •  Carry a notepad and pen with you at all times. Write down instructions and questions.
  •  Ask questions until all instructions are clear, then follow those instructions carefully.
  •  Before asking questions, think through a possible solution, then when presenting your questions, explain your thinking process and where you got stuck.
  •  As a newbie, expect to do some of the less desirable tasks (i.e. paying your dues!).
  • Ask for More – When you are ready for more challenging tasks, tell your supervisor.
  • Always proofread anything you are to submit at least twice before passing it on.
  • Ask ‘Why?’ and be observant of both people and methods. An employee is valuable not only for the work he/she can perform, but also for knowing why things are done in certain ways.
  •  Reach out – ask people to have lunch with you; seek ways to learn what people around you do.
  •  Do not make/receive personal phone calls, texts or conduct personal internet searches on your employer’s time – no matter how bored you are. This is a fast way to ruin the respect people have for you.  If you’ve run out of things to do, ask people if you can be of help to them.
  •  Say Please & Thank you – Express appreciation for courtesies and considerations shown to you.
  •  Avoid getting sucked into office gossip or being drawn into departmental politics.
  •  Maintain a positive attitude – Unconsciously, you influence the attitudes and general morale of others.
  •  Track accomplishments – keep a log of projects you’ve worked on and skills you’ve developed; ask if you can distribute later, examples of your work (LinkedIn, job interview portfolio).
  •  Reflect – how does the environment feel to you? Do you enjoy the people, work, culture? If not, think about what you want to do/learn in your next internship!
  •  Ending – have an exit interview with your supervisor, leave a Thank you note, ask about future opportunities there, ask for job references, and stay in touch!

 Above all else – ENJOY!!!

Career Scoop Update

Happy finals week! – #USTCareerScoop

Happy finals week! Wishing you success in your finals and last week of spring 2015 semester. To end the semester we thought we’d share some inspiration and humor to lighten the stress load of finals week.

Get inspired….

Have a laugh….

Remember we are open throughout the summer months and we continue to provide services for alumni after graduation.

ENJOY your summer and wherever the next adventure takes you.

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Preparing for Interviews When You Don’t Quite Understand the Position

Written by: Diane Crist

Recently I’ve met with several students who have asked how to prepare for interviews when they do not fully understand the positions they will be discussing with employers. To some degree this may occur in any job market, but it may be happening more now because of increased hiring. Perhaps employers are needing flexibility so they are leaving job descriptions vague.

Typically, the details are in the job description and the duties and qualifications desired are fairly straightforward. But, what should you do when the details are less clear? Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions early in your communication with employers. Asking good questions can save everyone time and help you make wise decisions!