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Research career fields – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, August 18th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

Are you undecided about your major?  Do you have a major, but not sure what career paths are an option?  The remaining few weeks of summer affords you time to learn more about career fields and college majors prior to starting another semester.  There isn’t one right way to decide; some students choose a major based on coursework they like to study while others look at career options of interest to determine if a specific major is required or preferred to enter the field.

As you explore options you may want to start by reading information about majors or career fields to gain a deeper understanding of the job duties, career progression, interest and personality preferences and required skill set.  A list of related career fields is also provided.  As you learn more about career fields it will give you a perspective into the field and assist in narrowing your options.  The next phase would be to talk with someone in the professions you are considering to get an insiders’ viewpoint. This is called Informational Interviewing.  When conducting an informational interview you ask questions to confirm the research you did provided accurate information about the current market.  If you would like further assistance with your decision call the Career Development Center to schedule a time to meet individually with a Career Counselor by calling (651) 962-6761.

On-Campus Interviewing Starting Soon – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, August 11th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

Employers will be coming to campus beginning in mid-September to interview candidates for full-time career positions and internship opportunities.  The start date for these positions ranges from January through summer 2015, so it is imperative to plan ahead. These employers will not be recruiting again in the spring because they fill their vacancies in advance.  To be considered for these interviews on-campus you will need to have attended an On-campus Interviewing Orientation seminar either previously or in early September and have your documents updated as requested in TommieCareers.  A select group of employers will also be holding information sessions this semester to share insights and position information with students.  Be sure to regularly check the events calendar for details on these offerings and read the handout on how to make the most of these sessions.

Need a part-time job or internship? – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, August 4th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

Find your next part-time job or internship on Tommie Careers.  The TommieCareers job board offers employers the opportunity to list available positions for students.  You can access them using your UST log-in username and password.  Once on the site use the Job Listing tab and click on TommieCareers.  If you want to narrow your criteria look for the Advanced Search feature to create your unique profile.  The advanced search allows you to select type of position, paid or unpaid, job function and type of industry.  You can also save this search for ongoing use and to have subsequent positions that are posted emailed directly to you.  For further details and information about TommieCareers and how to make the most of this site refer to the documentation from our site.

LinkedIn – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, July 28th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

Last week’s topic was updating your resume.  This week it’s LinkedIn.  The two go hand-in-hand for anyone who is seeking an internship or position.  More recruiters are using social media resources to screen applicants as well as find them! Once you have a professional LinkedIn profile you can use the platform to join groups to connect you to people for networking, conduct an informational interview, find employment and research companies.  Get started with the help of our LinkedIn resources and read more about tips for college students.

Schedule an appointment to have your profile reviewed and learn more about how to effectively use your LinkedIn.

Keep your resume current – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, July 21st, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

Keep your resume current. Over the summer months you are gaining new experiences and skills that will be of value to future positions. Before you forget what you did and accomplished, polish your resume paying special attention to the skills phrases using key words for your occupational or career interest. Remember to do the same on your LinkedIn profile to have a consistent brand with your application materials. Categories to update could include; internship, study abroad, volunteer, professional development, leadership, technical/lab skills or related course work.

Review the Resume Development Guide the Career Development Center provides for more specific information and sample resumes, stop by during pop-in hours or make an appointment to have your draft reviewed.

Think ahead and be intentional – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, July 14th, 2014

Career Scoop from the UST Career Development Center

…from the Career Development Center

As you are enjoying the summer months it’s not too early to think ahead to fall semester and believe it or not, Summer 2015.

College affords you the opportunity to build your portfolio of experiences which may include part-time jobs, internships, leadership activities, study abroad and athletics. By the time you graduate your resume needs to reflect skills and experiences that employers are seeking in job candidates.  What one or two things can you do in the coming months to build your brand and make yourself a more qualified applicant upon graduation?

Don’t sit back and wait for something to drop in your lap.  Think about what is of interest to you and what skills will be required in your future career field.  Then pursue positions and companies that can lead you to your ultimate goal.  If you don’t know where to start schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Career Counselors to get ideas for resources to use.

Here are a few of the resources and websites to use:

Network to find career fields and companies of interest – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, July 7th, 2014

The summer months provide an opportunity to connect with professionals in the workplace to learn more about career fields, company information or future internship/job leads.  The term “networking” is often referred to as the way to connect with other, but what is networking and how do you get started if you don’t know anyone in your chosen career field or company of interest?  The Career Development Center provides an array of resources to assist you in learning how to successfully network as well as leads to connect with as you begin the process.  Use any or all of the following resources to learn more about networking or to start networking now.

Making the Most of your Summer Internship – Part II

Published on: Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

This is the second and last part of a Blog Series about Maximizing your Summer Internship experience.  It was developed after years of talking to students in the middle and at the end of their internships asking, ‘what do you wish you had known going in, and what could you have done to make this the best experience possible?’  After the summer, you could offer your own tips!?

Be a Self-Conscious Learner.

Pay attention to what you observe and experience.

  • You can discern your preferred work environments, how you respond to different leadership styles, your communications preferences.  How do you deal with pressure, deadlines, tension?
  • Do you like the people that surround you?    Do they seem happy with their work, the employer?
  • How does the size of the employer impact staff communications?
  • Can you learn about other roles there?  Conduct informational interviews with staff outside your area!  Go to lunch with people  – those on your team and from other departments.

Use Summer to get ready for next year’s interviews!

  • Keep a journal, an “Accomplishments Log” – note your projects and the end products you’ve created; also note what skills you employed.  This will come in handy when preparing for interviews your Senior year.
  • Ask permission to make copies of your project work and include it in an E-portfolio (think LinkedIn!).  You stand out when employers can SEE your work, not just hear about it.

Professional Behavior on the job.

  • If given multiple tasks/projects, be clear (ask) about what is first priority, then manage your time and keep the communication lines open with your supervisor(s).
  • Recognize when to speak, and when to listen.
  • Be patient – with yourself and with others.
  • Demonstrate a Positive Attitude.
  • Be gracious and be grateful.  Leave your supervisor a Thank You Note at the conclusion of the experience.

Hopefully, at the conclusion of the experience, you will have a better understanding of whether you enjoy that work, and that type of employer environment, and you will have learned a lot about your Self!

Answering the Weakness Question in an Interview

Published on: Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

At some point in your life you are likely to hear the following question in an interview:

“What is one of your weaknesses? or “What is your greatest weakness?”

Can you guess the most common response to this question?

A. I work too hard

B. I’m a perfectionist

C. A & B

When I ask this question in mock interviews almost always the answer is one of the two above. Steer clear of this response in an interview even if it’s true. Working hard is actually a strength and chances are the person interviewing you has heard this answer hundreds of times.

So what should you say?

Rather than a personal characteristic which may be difficult to change, focus on a weakness that relates to the position for which you are interviewing, but one that isn’t an essential skill. Be sure to mention how you might manage your weakness.

For example: Does the position involve public speaking? If this is a concern for you a response might be “I sometimes get nervous when presenting to large groups, however I used to be nervous in front of small groups and now that isn’t a problem for me anymore. As a student at UST I was required to make several individual presentations. I rehearsed what I would say, practiced a lot, and developed the confidence to present effectively. I’m confident that with experience I would be an effective presenter in front of large groups as well.”

A Career Specialist at the Career Development Center can help your prepare for this interview question and many more. Make an appointment today!

Summer Services – #USTCareerScoop

Published on: Monday, May 26th, 2014

Congratulations on another successful semester completed. If you are seeking full-time employment, an internship or summer employment it’s not too late to find great opportunities to build your resume, gain experiences and expand your network.

TommieCareers currently has nearly 1,500 part-time jobs, internships and full-time positions posted. Use the advanced search function to narrow the list to those relating to your career field or create a search agent for positions to be sent directly to your email when positions meeting your criteria as selected.

Take part in the June “Kick Start Your Job and Internship Search” five part series to learn effective techniques, gain insight into resumes, cover letters and interviewing tips, as well as take the Strengths Quest inventory to learn more about your skills set.

Create and use your LinkedIn profile. This is a phenomenal tool for networking, gathering company information and possible job leads. The Career Staff can provide feedback on your profile and educate you on ways to use LinkedIn effectively.

Stay connected and up-to-date with the Career Development Center through any or all of our social media resources: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blog.

If you would like assistance with your search, Career Counselors are available for individual appointments to guide you and recommend resources for your major or career field. Call (651) 962-6761 to schedule an appointment or pop-in availability.