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QR Code & Barcode Scanners

Published on: Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

QR Droid LogoYou’ll start seeing them once you use them. The caveat? You need to install a ‘scanner.’ Search the Android Market for ‘barcode scanner’ but I don’t recommend the top return, ‘Barcode Scanner.’ After testing a couple, QR Droid had the options that worked for me; scanning, searching, creating to share info, etc.

Using the app is pretty straight forward. Start it, aim the ‘virtual viewfinder’ at the code and wait for it to be recognized. You are then presented with a list of available options; Open, Email, SMS, etc. Open it for your use or choose one of the send options if you want to share.

If you want to comparison shop while browsing at your favorite store just scan the barcode, choose open and use the browser for an internet search. Unless you are the gotta have it now – online stores can be less expensive. But, not always. I recently found a local retailer who even adding in the MN tax was less then the lowest cost product plus shipping online. Go figure… save money. The internet… it’s a lot like my Dad used to say about flying. If you’ve got the time, fly (that hasn’t changed). Adpated; If you’ve got the time, surf.

You can expect future articles to be populated with QR codes so you can use your scanner of choice to bolt you to a site or load info on your droid without cumbersome thumbing.

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  1. John Heintz says:

    Thanks for this, Rick. I use another one called ScanLife ( that works pretty well for me–also will do both regular UPC and QR codes. Another alternative to try if folks run into any issues with QR Droid.

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